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Welcome to Hagfors Culture School

We offer courses from approximately 3 years of age. Read more about a specific course by clicking on a course in the tree to the left. If you wish to begin to play an instrument and dance, please do separate applications to give the instrument and dance the same priority.
When having made your selections, please continue by clicking the button "Proceed", which is to the right.
If you have problems with your application, pleasae contact Hagfors Culture School:

You can apply anytime during the year. When there are more applicants than places to a course, the admission process will depend on several aspects, such as age, school placement and of pedagogical reasons. We will contact you when we can offer you to begin a course.

You will be offered 25 lessons a school year. Both ordinary lessons, extra rehearsals and concerts will be counted as lessons, since they all are important to your progress in the course. Hagfors Culture School has the same school year as the primary school.

Course fees per semester
Course (dance course, instrument course in small groups or private lesson): 700 SEK. Choir and ensembles included.
Course fee for choir or ensemble: 300 SEK
Course fee for adults (>20 years): 2000 SEK
Sibling discount: 200 SEK for the first sibling, 300 SEK from the second sibling and forth
Course discount: 100 SEK from the second course when a pupil attend two or more courses
Extended course (private lesson):
30 min 800 SEK
40 min 850 SEK
50 min 900 SEK
60 min 1000 SEK
When attending your fourth lesson the first semester in a course, full fee will be charged. From the second semester and forth full fee will be charged immediately.

Rent an instrument
String and wind instruments can be rented if available. 200 SEK/semester
Important information
The criteria for accepted application is following:

You are a citizen in Hagfors Municipality or go to school in Hagfors Municipality. If you do not fulfil the criteria, please contact Hagfors Culture School for more information. Pupils between 3-20 years are our priority. Adults (from 20 years) are accepted when no children or youth are in line.

You must have turned 18 years to apply on your own. 

When attending your first semester of a new course, you can terminate the course by signing out before the fourth lesson without being charged of the course fee and the instrument fee.
The personal data in the application will be registered in the pupil register of Hagfors Culture School. The law of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes the usage of the personal data in municipal units.

Contact us!
phone: +46 (0)563 - 187 20
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